Tackling environmental challenges through food systems governance

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Published: September 2023
Product code:21611G

Food systems are a major driver of the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution — and are also part of the solution. Food systems governance requires new approaches to drive the transformation of food systems towards greater environmental sustainability, equity and food security.

This policy note presents the findings of a study on the links between transformative food systems governance — that is, governance arrangements that are inclusive, innovative and integrated — and environmental agendas (IIED & UNEP, 2023).

Drawing on seven case studies of multi-stakeholder mechanisms (MSMs), the study found that these initiatives are advancing environmental agendas through integrated policymaking on sustainable food systems. They are also contributing to the development of environmental policies, including on climate change, through inclusive cross-sectoral dialogue and awareness raising. This note presents insights from the study into how food systems can help advance environmental agendas.

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Swiderska, K., Nicolini, G., Torres Ledezma, C. and Bortoletti, M. (2023). Tackling environmental challenges through food systems governance. IIED, London.
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