The Urban Crises Learning Fund evaluation final report

Project evaluation
, 41 pages
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Published: April 2022
ISBN: 9781784319700
Product code:20961IIED

What impact can research make in the long-term on people, policy and practice? What are the most valuable types of learning and knowledge products generated through research and why? This ex-post evaluation explores these questions, using a body of research generated under IIED’s Urban Crises Learning Fund from 2015–17.

With financial and collaborative technical support from IIED, the Urban Crises Learning Fund produced over 30 research projects on preparedness, response and recovery to urban crises, conducted by independent researchers and institutions from the global North and South, representing a diverse set of voices and urban crisis contexts.

This report highlights the types of positive change that this learning fund model contributed to across themes of effectiveness, efficiency, enduring research partnerships, capacity building and impact of key pieces of evidence. It concludes with recommendations on how IIED can build on the success of the Urban Crisis Learning Fund experience.

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