IIED strategy 2019-2024

IIED strategy
, 24 pages
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Published: April 2019
ISBN: 9781784316853
Product code:17703IIED

Our strategy for the period 2019-2024 set out how IIED would work to create positive change, and how we planned to fight for a fairer future for all. 

The strategy describes our institutional theory of change and the four pathways to impact that will help to guide our work and make change happen. It identifies five global challenges that were our focus: increasing inequality, the climate crisis, the assault on the natural world, increasing urban risk, and unsustainable markets. 

It outlines IIED's work programmes and priorities for action in each of these areas. This publication includes examples of how IIED was working in partnership with others to generate innovation at scale, researching local knowledge to inform global thinking. It also highlights IIED's focus on effective monitoring, evaluation and learning across its work.

Read the 2019-24 strategy webpage: www.iied.org/iied-strategy-2019-2024

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