VNR reporting needs evaluation: a call for global guidance and national action

IIED Briefing
, 4 pages
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English, Español
Published: January 2018
IIED Briefing Papers
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This briefing analyses 43 ‘Voluntary National Reviews’ (VNRs) of progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Extending a 2016 analysis, it finds that monitoring is strong but evaluation systems and processes often remain missing or misunderstood. Sporadic good practice is emerging, such as: linked National Evaluation Policy and action planning (Nepal); recognition of the SDGs’ complexity when considering evaluation (Czech Republic); learning through evaluation (Ethiopia and Kenya); and drawing on findings from past evaluations (Belize). Countries still to submit their first VNR could build on these examples. We also recommend action for the UN Secretary General, the UN Evaluation Group, national governments, international organisations and professional evaluators to jointly address the significant gaps.