Invest in forest-wise people and business! A report from the 4th international learning event of the China-Africa Forest Governance Platform

Event/workshop report
, 26 pages
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Published: November 2017
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China’s relationship with Africa is deepening. As Chinese interests in African forests increase, opinion formers and policy workers in Africa and China need to be better linked in order to shape policy and investment decisions, to ensure good management of forests and the timber trade, and support local livelihoods.

In October 2017, more than 90 Chinese and African stakeholders met in Pemba, Mozambique at the 4th international event of the China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform. The event focused on ways to develop innovative pro-forest and pro-poor business initiatives in the context of Chinese investment in African natural resources. The Platform, launched in 2013, aims to build bridges between African and Chinese stakeholders and strengthen governance of forests.