The 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA11)


The 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA11) focused on harnessing natural resources and ecosystems for adaptation.

The foothills of Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains (Photo: Els Lecoutere, IOB, University of Antwerp, Creative Commons via Flickr)

The foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains have a cool tropical climate that allows smallholder farmers to grow Arabica coffee (Photo: Els Lecoutere, IOB, University of Antwerp, Creative Commons via Flickr)

The 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA11) to climate change took place in Kampala, Uganda from 26-29 June 2017. Field visits accompanying the conference took place in various parts of Uganda from 22-25 June. 

CBA11 logoCommunity-based adaptation to climate change (CBA) focuses on empowering communities to use their own knowledge and decision-making processes to take action on climate change. CBA11 provided an opportunity to review the latest developments in CBA practice, policy and theory with participants from around the world.

CBA11 had the theme of harnessing natural resources and ecosystems for adaptation, and was designed to:

  • Share and consolidate the latest developments in CBA best practice, policy and theory in different sectors and countries, in Africa and globally. 
  • Disseminate knowledge and experience, both to participants and through online coverage and publication of the conference proceedings.
  • Strengthen the international CBA community at all levels by bringing people together and supporting collaboration.
  • Enhance the capacity of practitioners, governments and donors to help those most vulnerable to climate change to improve their livelihoods.

The full programme (PDF) details the sessions and speakers. 

Ahead of the conference, delegates took part in field visits to community adaptation projects located in a variety of ecosystems in Uganda.

CBA11 was linked with the UNFCCC Regional National Adaptation Plan Expo. Participants had the opportunity to discuss how to strengthen considerations regarding vulnerable communities, groups and ecosystems as part of the process of formulating and implementing National Adaptation Plans.

On 28-29 June, a youth conference ran parallel to the main CBA11 conference. This focused on 'enhancing the ability of youth to build ecosystem resilience', and examined ways to incorporate the ideas and innovations of young people into policy recommendations.

Coverage from CBA11

About the organisers

The 2017 conference was hosted by the Government of Uganda. It was organised by IIED, the International Centre on Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), the Makerere University Centre for Climate Change Research and Innovations (MAK) and the Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment. The youth conference was organised by MAK with support from IIED, MWE and ICCCAD.

CBA11 was sponsored by Irish Aid; USAid; UNEP; The Rockefeller Foundation; International Centre for Climate Change and Development; Makerere University; Climate Justice Resilience Fund; FAO; IUCN; UNDP; Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance; BRAC and the International Development Research Centre.   

Previous conferences

The 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA10) was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The conference theme was 'enhancing urban community resilience'. The International University of Bangladesh (IUB) campus hosted the event, and more than 300 participants from around the world took part.

CBA10 concluded with a call for governments, NGOs and infrastructure investors to work with urban community federations to mainstream and finance local adaptation.

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