IIED's latest forests newsletter is out now

10 June 2016

Our latest forestry newsletter reports on the recent work of IIED's forestry team and highlights a new infographic on food demand and forests.

IIED's forestry newsletter is out now (Image: IIED)

The new forests newsletter profiles a new issue paper, 'Small, but many, is big: a review of issues in assessing the collective scale of small and locally-controlled forest-linked investment'. We are keen to hear about your experience and knowledge of assessing this forest-linked investment, so please get in touch by emailing forestry@iied.org if you have ideas or relevant sources of data.

We also feature a new infographic, based on IIED research that reveals there is limited scope for meeting tripling domestic food demand in Sub-Saharan Africa by increasing food imports, reducing food waste and increasing crop yields.

In this edition we highlight the work of the Forest and Farm Facility, a partnership between IIED, FAO and IUCN with programmes in 10 partner countries: Bolivia, Gambia, Guatemala, Kenya, Liberia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Vietnam and Zambia. 

We also feature:

  • A new briefing paper, 'Charcoal supply chains from Mabalane to Maputo: who benefits?'. The paper provides recommendations to ensure the charcoal trade operates in an inclusive and sustainable way
  • One of our partners, Global Environmental Justice at the University of East Anglia. An interdisciplinary group of scholars interested in the linkages between social justice and environmental change, Global Environmental Justice has a particular focus on the global dimensions of (in)justice, and
  • A new research report on sustainable chocolate that highlights how sustainability requires all actors to play their role in greening of the whole supply chain. 

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